Atlantis the Palm Hotel

I look forward to opening the first hotel of palm trees in Dubai. In principle, like Atlantis Hotel in Bahamite and the idea of a hotel in which there are many entertainment, own aqua park and dozens of restaurants I like. Atlantis The Palm is exactly what is good and should not fly until Bahamite and may experience the same pleasure if not better in 5 hours time in Dubai. Atlantis The Palm hotel is worth 1.5 billion dollars. Whether you feel? I am not sure. Definitely a luxury in Arabic, bright and pleasant to the eye while stylish and elegant.

The latter is achieved rather than clientele of the hotel are all well-dressed, fashion and modern. I always hated the hotel where guests are walking in thongs and you somehow uncomfortable to wear, even with high-heeled shoe. Atlantis The Palm is definitely a place to show their new clothes. For the shortcoming of the hotel can specify the location. About 15 minutes are needed to pass a car distance from the top of palm trees to the hotel and if there is no congestion. I saw that the road was built on the second level of train speed, as the station is to aquapark hotel, but during our stay has not yet been released. All the way to the hotel is a building site and even started going to worry that in the hotel will do. Fortunately, it is the most remote part of the ring around palm trees and was completed and the roaring of life.

The lobby is quite impressive. The center has a decorative fountain and a high building, constructed of glass murano. However, if you compare with Burj Al Arab, I must say that Atlantis straight pale. Best of all is that the hotel is brand new, even smells new. The prevailing hot and bright colors with the golden glare. The tank is one of the landmarks of the hotel. At the site of the hotel says the water is 65 000 inhabitants there. Lost Chambers is another attraction at the hotel where they can see many exotic habitat. There Dolphin Bay, but since I have not swimming with dolphins went to look and I can not comment. Room impressed me with its size, but I can not call it gorgeous.

What I liked a lot is, `that the bathroom is separated from the room with decorative sliding door behind which is very comfortable bath. The good news is that you can lie in the tank and to watch TV from the big LCD TV in the room. Separately located toilet and shower cabin. The shower does also my favorite, very nice feeling of this kind showers – a type of tropical rain. The view from the room is quite interesting. Is seen large aquarium where swim even whale shark – small but still impresses. In the distance is shown Bur Dubai – the highest building in the world. And Burj Al Arab. Unfortunately, visible and construction and bad beach. The disadvantage of the hotel is the beach. Even to forget for the view – working place, we can not fotget about the fact that the beach is artificial. Has nothing to do with soft and fine sand and crystal water of Jumeirah. On the aquapark is great and better than the Wild Wadi.

I liked the rapids and waves, which is downhill, definitely a better version of the standard lazy river, which is everywhere. For the lazy people, like us there is something like escalator, which they moved up to the slide, directly on the jerry can. The hotel has a decent variety of restaurants. Sanctuary the nightclub of the hotel, which has quickly become a hot spot for entertainment in the city. Tusovka mix of fashion and guests of the hotel is public. There are attractive dancers who dance on a platform. I noticed that if you are a guest of the hotel and reserve a table is not impossible to run. Shopping at the hotel is also very good. There is everything from exclusive models of Vertu, jewelry of Tiffany & Co, diamond necklaces of Graff, boutique on Rodeo Drive and even one thousand and one ways to get rid of their annual salary. Service is good, given that most people there work and not month. Overall hotel worth as for vacations, and afternoon visit. However, after I was there as if they would prefer Jumeriah Beach Hotel and Mina Al Salam. The price per night double room is about 550 Euro per night, which actually is not so high price for this hotel.